1. MEGAFOOD agrees to deliver to Buyer and the Buyer agrees to accept the goods at the address specified by them in their order. If the Buyer fails or refuses to take or accept the goods they will be deemed to have been delivered when we were willing and able to deliver them. MEGAFOOD will not be liable for failing to deliver or delay in delivering goods where the failure or delay is caused by anything beyond our reasonable control. MEGAFOOD reserves the right to deliver goods in instalments.
  2. All orders accepted by MEGAFOOD shall form a contract between MEGAFOOD and the Buyer upon MEGAFOOD’s standard terms and conditions of sale. MEGAFOOD may vary its standard terms and conditions of sale from time to time.
  3. Payment for the goods at the agreed purchase prices is due on delivery for Cash-sale Buyers; or if credit granted by MEGAFOOD, payment is due:
    • Weekly: within 7 days from purchase;
    • Fortnightly: within 14 days from purchase;
    • Monthly: by the 20th of the following month.
  4. In the event of default or non-payment in the due date, or breach of these terms and conditions or insolvency of the Buyer:
    • All sums outstanding to MEGAFOOD become immediately due and payable; and Interest shall accrue at the rate of 16% per annum from the date payment was due until the date payment is made. Interest will be compounded monthly at the rate of 1.33%; and
    • The Buyer indemnifies MEGAFOOD for any loss, expense or costs it may incur or suffer as a result of the Buyer’s default; and
    • All legal and collection costs in recovering or collecting any outstanding money, recovering goods or remedying any default shall be recoverable against the Buyer.
    • MEGAFOOD may repossess goods delivered but not paid for.
  5. Property in the goods supplied by MEGAFOOD shall remain the ownership of MEGAFOOD until payment in full of all amounts owing to MEGAFOOD what so ever. If the goods are resold before all amounts owing to MEGAFOOD have been fully repaid the book debt on proceeds of such resale shall be the property of MEGAFOOD and be held for its account and payable immediately to MEGAFOOD. The Buyer shall owe a fiduciary duty to MEGAFOOD in respect of such book debts and proceeds.
  6. Goods are at Buyer’s risk from the time the goods are delivered to the Buyer’s premises, or picked up by the Buyer or Carrier/Transportation companies the Buyer consign to.
  7. Claims for damaged or defective goods or short quantity must be advised within 24 hours of receipt of the goods by the Buyer and opportunities are given to MEGAFOOD to investigate the claims.
  8. MEGAFOOD’s liability in the event of a valid claim will not exceed the sale price of the goods concerned and to the extent permitted by the law or warranties and conditions implied by any statute are hereby expressly negative.
  9. MEGAFOOD reserves the right to vary prices without prior notices.

There are three kinds of shipping cost, which will be excluded in the total cost:

  • Free delivery in Auckland area;
  • Free delivery out of Auckland and certain areas within North Island, but may be subject to minimum order;
  • Charge fees within certain areas of North Island and  all South Island (according to the delivering company).


If the goods you have ordered do not meet your expectations, simply return them by calling us at 0800 100 188 or 09 273 8889 as soon as you can, and our drivers will pick them up from your shop.

To return goods to our store, you need to keep the invoice and goods in original packaging. For all payment methods, our accountant will issue an immediate credit to the original payment method or provide a store credit for the cost of the goods and the sales tax.

To exchange some goods, you need to return the goods you have received and place a new order.